Historical Notes

The story of Masseria Cisternella

Masseria Cisternella is located on the greenhouse that slopes gently down to the Ionian coast about 450 mt. from the coast Gallipoli- Santa Maria di Leuca.

The name comes from the ancient cistern where rainwater is collected naturally coming down from the top of the slope.
The availability of a certain amount of water has allowed the establishment of centuries in a small rural community that is devoted to sheep;
but also the “genius loci” inspired the farmer to choose: the breeze that stirs the leaves of the olive trees, the mild climate and the sparkle of the sea to the horizon, enliven the campaign today and make place pleasant and charming for staying there.
Thus arose the farm with houses, bakery, stables, pens said curti, consisting of dry-stone walls of protection and demarcation.


masseria vicino al mare salento

The Farm

Masseria Cisternella now

The Farm MasseriaCisternella, extending ten hectares, consists of a large area of olive groves and cultivated land trusts red; myrtle bushes, agave and prickly pear, caper plants, fig trees and almond trees of the surrounding countryside. The farm is bordered by stone walls, and many trulli have a shelter for shepherds and farmers dot the land evoking ancient civilizations.

From the ancient Masseria were obtained seven spacious rooms overlooking the sea and are willing to crown the garden of fragrant lavender, rosemary, thyme and bay leaf.

In the execution of recovery have been used environmentally friendly materials and from local traditions: native stone, wrought iron and wood roofs, and, for the furniture, solid chestnut.Fino agli anni ’60 la cisterna, dava il nome non solo alla Masseria, ma anche alla contrada; di recente la località è stata denominata ”Posto Rosso” .

In the same vein, we used alternative sources of energy: photovoltaic and solar panels.

Each room has a large exclusive outdoor covered spaces, where in the morning you can have breakfast; comfort, sea view and beautiful sunsets on the Ionian Sea are insured.
Until the 60’s the reservoir, gave its name not only to the Farmhouse, but also to the district; Recently the town has been called “Red Spot”.
Red Spot has a dispensary, a small supermarket and there is a restaurant -pizzeria.