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The Masseria Cisternella stands on the greenhouse that slopes gently towards the Ionian coast about 450 m from the Gallipoli - Santa Maria di Leuca coast road. The name recalls the ancient cistern, where the rainwater that came down from the top of the slope naturally collected.

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Typical Salento cuisine

Pasta, wheat, greens, vegetables, small fish. They have always been the ingredients of the canteens of farmers, shepherds, fishermen of Salento.

Decades have passed and Salento cuisine has been enriched, it has become a skilful blend of nature and new modern knowledge, which in many cases produce sophisticated delicacies. Not to mention the great variety of sweets, which are not inferior to those belonging to the most celebrated and famous traditions. The novelty, compared to the past, are the wines derived from native vines: Verdeca, Fiano, Primitivo, Negroamaro, which are among the tastiest in Italy. Endless emotions.

The most comforting aspect for a tourist who visits Salento is that this type of food and wine culture is widespread, so it can be found in the trendy restaurant and trattoria of a small town. It is that, in Salento, you can still see grandmothers, aunts and mothers in the kitchens of restaurants, who know directly, without mediation, this way of choosing natural ingredients and then cooking them. It is like for life: each one walks his own path, lives on his constituent ingredients, which each one “cooks” in his own way. If they are of good quality, it is very difficult that they are not appreciated.

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