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The Masseria Cisternella stands on the greenhouse that slopes gently towards the Ionian coast about 450 m from the Gallipoli - Santa Maria di Leuca coast road. The name recalls the ancient cistern, where the rainwater that came down from the top of the slope naturally collected.

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Typical Salento cuisine

Pasta, wheat, greens, vegetables, small fish. They have always been the ingredients of the canteens of farmers, shepherds, fishermen of Salento. Decades have passed and Salento cuisine has been enriched, it has become a skilful blend of nature and new modern knowledge, which in many cases produce sophisticated delicacies. Not to mention the great variety […]


Boat ride and beaches

In Salento, land of the two seas, the sun rises from the Adriatic and sets in the Ionian. Santa Maria di Leuca, which is the port of the eastern end of old Europe, called “finis terrae” since the time of the Crusades, unites them. By land, the distance between the two seas does not exceed […]


City and art Lecce Otranto Gallipoli

Salento is a treasure chest that contains many historical, artistic and urban treasures, some in the sunlight, others more secret, to be discovered. Lecce, in the shadow of the Baroque Strolling through the historic center of the city, wandering, dreamy, like real travelers, we come across the great Piazza del Duomo. The Cathedral, the archbishop’s […]